Our reputation for excellence, as well as being customer focused, is what has lead us to become the premier electrical contractor in our area.

Experience with custom residential projects, both new and renovations. We also specialize in Multi-family Housing projects, such as apartment complexes, for example.
Our Electricians oversee every aspect of the job, insuring adherence to codes and safe work practices. Fast and efficient, we run clean job sites, ever conscious of the wants and needs of the owner and other interested parties.

Rewiring a House

Rewiring a house is part of house remodeling and may be necessary for houses that are older than 25-30 years. You may need to take rewiring your house up on an urgent basis if you suspect that the existing wiring has become fragile, vulnerable, and hazardous. Or, there can be several other reasons as to why one may think of rewiring a house. Some may opt for a complete change in the wiring system for safety purposes. While some may want to change the layout since the previous one was quite old-fashioned with less power needs to serve. Let us take a look at why rewiring a house may be necessary.

Fuse Box Replacement

Homeowners cannot tell from looking at the outside of a fuse box if it is in a satisfactory condition on the inside. There are fuse boards which look perfect on the outside but are close to causing full fires on the property. Sometimes, new fuse-boxes have switches that are extremely sensitive and if there is a breakdown these switches will not accept the wiring, meaning it cannot be done or it causes nuisance tripping.